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What Do I Have To Do To Get Free Water?

It's really pretty easy.  Complete and return the Lead and Copper Survey before June 18. If you get stumped on a question, contact us for help. 

At the June 18 Board meeting, we will draw 5 lucky winners from the surveys that have been submitted.  Winners will receive a month's free water, up to $100, for their June 2024 bill.  (Past prize winners and board members and staff are not eligible to win.)

If you completed the survey last fall, you do not need to fill it out again, but you are entered in the drawing.  If we do not have a survey on file for you, we mailed you a second request on April 18.  You can submit the survey quickly and easily by scanning the QR code OR you can complete the printed copy provided in the mailing and scan it, mail it back or drop it by the office.  The form is also available at the website under the "Forms and Reports" tab.

Good luck, and thank you for helping us meet this requirement

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