Water Main Breaks (water bubbling up out of ditch or running into street)

Call the Operator at (785) 418-1323.

No Water in Your Home

1.  Check all the faucets in your house, including your outside hydrant.  Objects can sometimes get clogged inside your service lines, temporarily disrupting service to a specific faucet.  For example, you have not water in your kitchen, but have normal pressure and volume in your bathroom. You should call a plumber for this repair.

2.  If you experience a sudden loss of pressure and volume in all the faucets of your home, call the Operator at (785) 418-1323.  The pressure decrease could be caused by a break in the water main or a break in one of your service lines.  Pursuant to the By-Laws of this District, the line from the meter to the house is the homeowner's responsibility.

Suspicisous Activity 

Please call the Operator at (785) 418-1323 to report any suspicisous activity that you witness.  This includes activity near the water mains, water tower or pump houses.


(1-800-344-7233) In Kansas, and many surrounding states.  It is the law to "Call before you Dig."

If you have any plans to excavate dirt, plant trees, install a new fence, etc., you must call DigSafe before you dig.

Utility companies, including us, will be notified and will mark the requested area with paint and/or flags to indicate the presence of underground utility lines.