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Is It Important? You Bet It Is!

You may have been seeing this image around alot--on road signs, in our Facebook posts, in your mail.  We need your help, and this QR code is a link to a simple survey that only takes a few minutes to complete.

Under the Lead and Copper Rule Revision, water utilities are required to build and maintain a working inventory of all water pipe materials in the district, including the stretch from the water meter into the house or business and to the faucet in your home or business.  As you can imagine, going from door to door is not only a tedious process, but also, your house is your domain.  We are going through county records to obtain as much information as we can, but your participation in helping us to collect the required data to fill out the inventory to fulfill the KDHE and EPA requirements would be a huge help.

If you completed the survey last fall, you do not need to fill it out again.  If we do not have a survey on file for you, we mailed you a second request on April 18.  You can submit the survey quickly and easily by scanning the QR code OR you can complete the printed copy provided and scan it, mail it back or drop it by the office.  The form is also available at this website under the "Forms and Reports" tab.

Your support is appreciated and the Board has agreed to draw five winners from all surveys submitted.  The drawing will be on June 18.  Winners will receive a month's free water, up to $100, for their June bill.  (Past prize winners and board members and staff are not eligible to win.)