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REMINDER:  The annual meeting of participating members of Rural Water District #1, Franklin County, Kansas, will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at the District Office, 107 E 2nd Street, Ottawa.  The purpose of the annual meeting is to elect three (3) directors to serve three-year terms on the Board of Directors, to present the operating budget for 2024, and to transact any business presented at the meeting.

The February Board of Directors meeting will immediately follow the annual membership meeting.

DIRECTORS AND 2024 BOARD ELECTION:  The present Board of Directors (year term expires) are:  David Alderman (2025), Gary Clark (2026), Larry Endecott (2024), Keith McAdoo (2024), Brad O'Dea (2026), Garrett Taylor (2025), and Karen Walburn (2024).

Three Board positions are open for election in 2024.  For that reason, the nominating committee presents the following slate of nominees:  Cole Meyer, Wellsville; Larry Endecott, Pomona; and Karen Walburn, Ottawa.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor.

Right to Vote:  According the the District bylaws, "only participating members shall have the right to vote, and each participating member shall be entitled to a single vote, regardless of the number of Benefit Units to which he may have subscribed.  There shall be no proxy voting, and no dual ownership of Benefit Units for voting purposes.  A participating member may be an individual, firm, partnership, assocition or corporation.

Participating members shall be owners of land located within the District who have subscribed to one or more Benefit Units, provided payment of charges are current on at least one of the Benefit Units."