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Special Delivery

We are strongly encouraging our customers with reliable internet to opt for electronic statements.  October statements were delivered to the Ottawa post office on the morning of October 30.  By November 7 we were receiving calls from several customers that they had not yet received their statements.  A call to the local post office revealed that the statements had indeed been delivered to Kansas City for processing, however, delivery of local first class mail is taking 3 days to 2 weeks.

We understand that this makes it difficult for our customers to make timely payments, and that is why we offer several options for payment and delivery.  To opt for electronic statements, just email our office at office@frcorwd1.org and indicate that you would like to receive your statement electronically or that you would like both an e-statement AND a paper statement.  There is no charge for this service.

One way to be sure your payment is on time is to sign up for automatic payment.  The ACH Agreement Form is available on the website under the "Forms & Reports" tab.  You will still receive a monthly statement, and the payment will be withdrawn from the account you specify on the 10th of each month.  There is no charge for this service.

You can also make payment on your account online through this website or by calling the office.  Payment is applied to your account the day you initiate payment.  There is a convenience fee associated with this method.

If you pay by bank draft or mail your payment, you are facing the same timing issues we do with the postal service.  Our policy requires payment in our office by close of business on the 15th to avoid late charges.

Another option is to drop the payment by the office in Ottawa.  There is a drop slot in the door if we are closed.

We are certainly thankful for our customers and strive to provide the high quality service we would want to receive.  During this Thanksgiving season and always, we wish you good health, prosperity, happiness and love.